Best Tracker App | Mobile Number Locator Free

Best Tracker App | Mobile Number Locator Free

Are you interested to know your friend’s location while is calling? I am going to tell you how you can locate a caller’s exact location on the map. There are many ways to locate your friend on the Google map. The Locator Free mobile application is one of the best apps that will help you a lot in this matter.

 Mobile Number Locator Free

For example you are in a bus station and your friend is calling you to meet. Now your friend has got switched off. Now what will you do to find him at the bus station? want to find more best apps visit my site.

There are so many cases like that and people Just want to know what to do in this situation.

I am going to give you a solution with the best tracking app to find your friend.

 Mobile Number Locator Free


Mobile Locator App

  • There are so many features of this mobile locator but some of the best performing features are below.
  • You can search any mobile number with this application 
  • Feature of compass is also present to find the direction 

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  • Of your contacts I will also show in this application to call any of your friend at any time 
  • You can also block any call from this application.
  • The application consumes only 6 MB of your mobile memory.
  • You can locate anyone with this application.

How to use this App?

The process of using this application is very simple 

  1. Location button in this app.
  2. Enter caller id
  3. Click on the locate button
  4. The google map location is in front of you. 

More features of this Mobile Number Locator Free

👉 You can use the feature of Phone Number Tracker.

👉 Mobile Phone Locator Available 

👉 Get Phone Caller ID In this application and also, City, State, Network and etc.

👉 Track & Locate incoming and outgoing calls Easily 

👉 Current mobile location finder with one Click 

👉 Caller ID Live Location on Maps.

👉 Find STD & ISD Codes.

👉 Identify and Block Unknown & Spam Calls.

Another way to find your Friend Location

If your friend’s mobile is not switched off simply ask him to send a WhatsApp location. The process of sending location or live location is very simple on WhatsApp

Open your WhatsApp and click on the attachment option in the chat.

A new menu will appear in front of you in which you have to select the location option.

Just click on the share live location button 

All you have done enjoy!

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